The Non-Executive Directors' Handbook is produced in association with the Non-Executive Directors’ Association (NEDA) authored by Brian Coyle.  

The 4th edition of the Handbook, given the increasingly significant role now played by non-executives in the independent oversight of organisations, it acts as an essential source of reference and route map for the position.

Today, non-executives are a vital component of good governance and management challenge. They are needed now more than ever – at a time where the ethics and conduct of a few bad apples, on occasion, spoil the public’s view of the whole corporate barrel.     

The new edition of the Handbook has been fully updated to reflect the most recent regulation, including the UK Corporate Governance Code, guidance on board effectiveness, and developments in reporting by companies. Given the book provides a working tool for non-executives, the range of case examples.

The Handbook guides the reader through the lifecycle of the non-executive role, starting with pre-appointment and addressing along the way topics such as legal duties and liabilities, boardroom behaviour and dynamics and the role NEDs play on board committees. Coverage also includes chapters on monitoring risk, director development, performance evaluation and stakeholder communications.