Malkhaz DzadzuaThe Independent Directors Association welcomes Malkhaz Dzadzua as a new member. Mr. Dzadzua is a senior executive and business leader with over 2 decades of management experience in Financial Services Industry and Social Entrepreneurship, including 15 years as a CEO of leading Microfinance Institution in Georgia. 

Board and Steering Committee Member of several international and local organizations. Guest Speaker and Panelist of many high-level conferences and forums. Started in 1995 as a student volunteer of local NGO in Georgia (CHCA) and was soon promoted to a Business Consultant, Loan Officer, Branch Manager and Program Director. In 2004 became a Founder CEO of small Microfinance startup (CRYSTAL) established in Kutaisi, Georgia and in a decade turned it into a local market leader and internationally recognized institution with more than $120 million total assets, 1,000 employees and 25% of market share. From 2019 lives in Switzerland and continues his professional activities in Development Finance and Impact Investing area. In late 2019 joined the Supervisory Board of leading Deposit-taking Microfinance Institution in Tajikistan (IMON) as an Independent Director nominee by the FMO (Dutch Development Bank). Malkhaz is a PhD candidate in Economics. He holds a Master’s degree of Leadership in Development Finance from the Frankfurt School FSFM, and Master’s degree in Economics & Management from the Georgian State Subtropical University.